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Paycom Sales Training in Action

Amy Vickroy | November 6, 2020

Our 2020 executive representative training looked a little different than previous years. Energy, excitement, relationship-building and fun were still very much on the agenda, but this time around, it all occurred in a virtual environment.

Fortunately, the change did not stop us from achieving greatness. Executive rep training is always one part learning, two parts motivation. It’s important that the sales force gets inspired to take action on new concepts and our strategy! After taking part in this year’s training, I came away with more faith than ever in Paycom’s sales professionals and their ability to execute our strategic vision.

Sparking inspiration

The two-day event gave Paycom’s new sales superstars the chance to hear inspiring messages directly from leadership and Shark Tank co-host and Paycom ambassador Barbara Corcoran. Corcoran is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, an author, the host of a top podcast, an investor and a motivational speaker with an incredible story of how she got where she is today.

Corcoran is a real estate guru with an extremely successful track record of finding and hiring great talent to work for her. Because of this experience, she knows how to develop the traits that put salespeople at the top of their game. As a former business owner with a stake in multiple enterprises, she’s also uniquely qualified to know how to sell to different demographics. She encouraged our executive sales team to think outside of the box and challenge each other in new ways to help hit their goals.

Preparation is key

Besides best-in-class training and speakers, we also want to provide our reps with the opportunity to choose the sessions in which they are the most interested. For that reason, we provide various different types of training throughout the day so they can really hone in on the topics they are looking to learn more about or improve on.

One of the biggest things we want our representatives to do when preparing for training is to come in with an open mind. We do this by giving them the opportunity to sign up for early morning motivation, workouts and cooking classes. We want them to be ready to be challenged and get outside their comfort zones by roleplaying different scenarios they may come across when selling. We also want our representatives to take what they’ve learned and apply it in the field the very next week.

Celebrating wins

The best part about this year’s training was celebrating all of the individual wins happening across our markets. Our sales organization loves to share success stories so we can continue to refine our strategies.

At the end of each day, we emphasized socialization and company culture through virtual get-togethers, karaoke and more. It all added up to an atmosphere of excitement and, of course, connection.

Every year, Paycom’s executive representative training facilitates meaningful professional relationships among some of the most talented sales professionals in the country. This year, I’m happy to report that sense of connection was more noticeable than ever. Paycom is truly a family, and executive representative training is a great platform to showcase that family.

Want the chance to be a part of this? Apply to Paycom today and start your journey to the top!

About the author
Author picture, Amy Vickroy
Amy Vickroy
As an executive vice president for Paycom, Amy Vickroy leads the east division of outside sales, working with sales managers and sales representatives nationwide. After graduating with a marketing degree from Missouri State University, she immediately joined Paycom as a sales rep in St. Louis, Missouri. From there, she went on to manage the Los Angeles market and open the Pasadena sales office. In her previous role as vice president of sales, Vickroy was twice named Regional Vice President of the Year.