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Leadership Spotlight: Meet Matt

Bonny Calfy | April 13, 2020

We interviewed one of Paycom’s sales managers, Matt, to learn more about his leadership journey.

What made you want to be a leader?

I’ve wanted to be a leader from the moment I realized the inspirational power of true leadership. Leadership elevates, it unites and it inspires. When you witness the transformational power of a true leader, it will change your life.

Did you have a mentor at Paycom? 

Yes, I was blessed to have had one of the most amazing mentors at Paycom in my previous manager, Kayla. She helped me to develop into the person I am today both personally and professionally, and I will never be able to repay her for that. She helped unlock a belief in myself I didn’t know existed and that was what helped propel me to my success.

How did she impact your career?

Kayla showed me what it means to lead, and the impact leadership can have. When she became my manager, I was a sales rep, and under her coaching, I developed into a top-selling rep on the leaderboard, and from that became a manager. I learned a lot from her about developing a routine, consistency in all aspects of my life and competing in everything I do. These are values I have instilled in my office, and I am so proud of how my reps (and some now managers) have responded.

What skills do you feel have made you an effective leader?

In order to manage others you first have to effectively manage yourself, so the skill mix is both internal and external. I pride myself on my organization, sense of urgency and ability to relate to people. Organization keeps my eyes on the prize, a sense of urgency keeps my feet moving forward and an ability to relate to people lets my team know we are in this together.

What made you want to be a leader at Paycom?

The challenge. This is hard, but it makes the result worthwhile. Challenges make you better; they push you to places you wouldn’t ordinarily go. If you are a competitor and winning is your game, then Paycom is for you.

What’s the hardest part of being a leader?

There is always a new challenge and you are always raising the bar for yourself. Leadership is a journey, not a destination and the journey is full of trying times and challenges that will test your abilities as well as your why. However, the right people in leadership for the right reasons will always persevere.

What’s your favorite part of being a leader?  

Watching the growth and success of my team. I am so proud of the promotions we have had out of my office, and I know they will do great things in their new roles. I am also very excited about the new young talent we have on our team, and I can’t wait to see what great things they will do!

What characteristics do you look for in potential leaders? 

I look for consistent performance and someone who is well respected within his or her peer group. Above all else, though, I give my endorsement to someone I believe in and someone I respect enough to work for – myself.

What advice do you have for anyone who is interested in leadership?

Find a mentor. There are lots of resources at Paycom and a number of leaders who are very generous with their time. The thing I love about Paycom is that we pull for each other. People here want to see you succeed. Leverage them and the wealth of knowledge they have, and they can guide you in your path.

About the author
Author picture, Bonny Calfy
Bonny Calfy
As Paycom’s employer brand supervisor, Bonny Calfy oversees all recruitment marketing and employer brand efforts nationwide. Her brand awareness efforts extend over 10 years and have included launching the Paycom Careers blog and social media channels and producing recruitment videos, all to help attract top talent nationwide. Outside work, Bonny enjoys reading; fishing; and spending time with her husband, children and friends.