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Trending: U.S. employers advance return-to-office plans, 3 benefits to consider

Bonny Calfy | December 2, 2022

Increasingly, many U.S. companies are electing to bring more workers back to an office environment. Namely, the tech industry has made headlines with office occupancy hitting a post-pandemic high.

According to a 2022 poll from Resume Builder, “of the companies that currently allow employees to work fully-remotely, 73% say they will ‘definitely’ (28%) or ‘likely’ (45%) change their work location policy 6 months from now.”

Where you work is important, and for some organizations, the benefits of bringing teams back to an office environment are evident — it streamlines management, team building and security, among other things. For client-facing organizations, having teams onsite can improve customer service outcomes, as well. At Paycom, this is especially important since dedicated service is a core benefit we provide our clients.

There are benefits to in-office environments for employees too.

You’ve likely heard much about the advantages of remote work which might fit the needs of some; however, in an active job market, information is everything. Environment is an important consideration: Where will you thrive?

Here are 3 benefits of an in-office environment to consider.

More collaboration

A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that more in-person communication and interaction directly correlates with improved cognitive performance. A takeaway? Actively collaborating with others in the workplace boosts creativity and productivity.

What’s more, working full time offsite isn’t preferred across the board. A national work-from-home survey by economists at three universities found less than a quarter of 20-somethings who could do their jobs remotely wanted to do so full time.

When you’re around others, there are more opportunities to connect, collaborate and innovate. A physical presence also encourages spontaneous ideas and verbal problem-solving, all things that are less likely to occur when you communicate with others solely via screens.

Elevated culture

What makes a culture dynamic? According to The Institute for Corporate Productivity, workplaces with the highest productivity have a team-oriented, collaborative culture that focuses on employee well-being, encourages interpersonal relationships, provides consistent and constructive feedback and demonstrates an openness to new ideas.

When you spend most of your time alone, it’s only natural that your sense of mission and alignment with the organization’s values drifts. Moreover, working from home day in and day out with little or no in-person interaction can negatively impact your mental health. A 2021 APA survey about work-life balance showed almost two-thirds of remote workers felt isolated or lonely some of the time. Younger adults were especially impacted, as 73% of 18- to 29-year-olds and 73% of 30- to 44-year-olds were more likely to report feeling isolated or lonely working at home when compared to older adults (48% of 45- to 64-year-olds).

Community isn’t a throw-away benefit—many feel it’s critical to engagement and job satisfaction. Research firm Generation Lab asked college students what they’d miss out on in an all-remote role and more than 40 percent worried about fewer networking opportunities and less mentorship.

Sharing a physical space with your team members as you work together toward a common goal allows more opportunities for creating a culture where everyone thrives.

Positive habits

The structure provided by an in-office work environment can be beneficial. When a workplace provides thoughtful perks that consider the whole person, the positive outcomes abound! Not only are you able to come to a workplace with consistent offerings, environments that also emphasize wellness and growth mean healthy habits come with the territory.

In-office wellness perks to look for include:

  • on-site fitness facilities
  • outdoor green spaces for exercise and mindfulness
  • mental wellness advisors
  • subsidized on-site healthy lunch, snack and beverage options

Staying connected with others, celebrating wins and sharing your interests are also benefits that make you better, but can be difficult to replicate virtually. Embrace an environment where on-campus events, interest groups like book and gaming clubs and team celebrations happen regularly.

At Paycom, we embrace the benefits of working together in an office environment. Our winning culture has been recognized for innovation, trustworthiness, inclusion and perks.

If you’re looking for an employer who prioritizes your personal wellness and career growth, visit

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Bonny Calfy
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