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Work in Tech – No Coding Required

Tiffany McGowen | November 19, 2019

If you’re perusing this site, chances are you’ve heard that Paycom is hiring. You also may have heard that Paycom was awarded Top Workplace in Oklahoma by The Oklahoman, several Employees’ Choice Awards from and a top-five spot on Fortune magazine’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies list.

But just because Paycom leads the way in tech innovation doesn’t mean we’re only looking for developers and software gurus. Our core operations departments ensure we’re helping our clients in a meaningful way – after all, our software helps people get paid. Who doesn’t love that?

If you’re thinking about applying at Paycom, you may have a few questions, like:

  • What does Paycom actually do?
  • What kind of person does Paycom hire in their core operations positions?
  • What do Paycom specialists, new client specialists, tax specialist and HCM representatives do on a daily basis?

Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Paycom 101: The Basics

Paycom creates online HR and payroll software that helps companies hire, train, manage and pay their employees, all within one database and one login. We help businesses find top talent, then equip those employees with the right training and the tools to perform a host of HR and payroll tasks with efficiency, such as managing benefits and time off. And we help those employees get paid on time, every time.

If you decide to join Paycom, know that you’ll be joining a talented team dedicated to the same mission: helping businesses thrive.

Paycom Specialists

A Paycom Specialist serves as a client’s main point of contact so they can get their HR and payroll questions answered quickly. Paycom Specialists are our front line for customer satisfaction and retention. They ensure all payrolls for their clients are accurate and that client questions are answered promptly.

The best Paycom Specialists have can-do attitudes, and excel at communication, problem-solving and leadership. They have an eye for details, a thirst for knowledge and a sense of calm under pressure.

New Client Specialists

As a new client transitions from an old system to Paycom’s software, their New Client Specialist assists in system training, payroll and technical support, and customer service. New Client Specialists are crucial to ensure as seamless a transition as possible, from client information being entered accurately to users receiving proper training.

Candidates must enjoy communicating with others and helping in an efficient, effective manner. New Client Specialists are self-starters with an eye for details and a mind for multitasking, and aren’t afraid to crunch some numbers to help clients ensure smooth payroll processes for the long haul.

Tax Specialists

Tax Specialists ensure clients’ payroll taxes are handled in a completely accurate and timely manner. In doing so, they work directly with not only clients, but also government agencies to ensure prompt processing of tax payments.

Successful candidates will be organized and analytical team players with an eye for detail and accuracy. They love to solve puzzles and help other people in the process.

HCM Representatives

Human Capital Management (HCM) Representatives own and manage the software implementation process, from data collection and product setup to training clients on the Paycom product. They know that a successful product implementation is a jumping-off point for all future client interactions, including further sales, usage and satisfaction.

Successful HCM Representatives are subject-matter experts who can help clients make the most of their Paycom investments. They’re excellent communicators, energized by deadlines and able to create forward momentum on a project.

Apply today

Sure, these positions may not be the first that come to mind when you think “technology company.” But each plays a crucial role in making sure Paycom clients take full advantage of the game-changing software they’ve purchased. That helps companies hire, train, manage – and pay – their employees quickly and efficiently, and we think that’s a pretty big deal.

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About the author
Author picture, Tiffany McGowen
Tiffany McGowen
Tiffany McGowen, Paycom’s Vice President of Recruiting, is responsible for the oversight of staffing corporate headquarters and growing the nationwide sales force. She has more than 10 years of recruiting experience, ranging from executive-level talent to interns, with a specialty in sales professionals. Passionate about motivation, McGowen is constantly on a coast-to-coast hunt for the best and brightest talent in every market.