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Tech Frustrations

Do employees and employers see eye to eye?

Frustrated employer reviewing outdated technology with employee

Work shouldn’t be so much work

How frustrated are today’s employees with the tech they use at work? Very. And it’s not just a few of them. New nationwide research conducted by OnePoll shows an overwhelming majority is unhappy with workplace tech because it makes their jobs harder.


of employees are frustrated with outdated technology at work


of leaders have recognized their frustration


of employees would be willing to take a pay cut to have software and technology twice as good as what they have now


of leaders don’t think they would


The answer isn’t more tech

The solution to employee frustrations isn’t more technology — it’s the right technology. Because the more unintuitive tech you throw at a problem, the more of a problem it becomes. So how do you know which tech is the right tech?

The right HR tech stands alone

When tech is easy to use and streamlines everything in one place, your employees become happier and more productive. Learn why Paycom’s single HR and payroll software is the only one you need.


of leaders say functioning, up-to-date and user-friendly HR tech improves workflow and productivity


of employees agree they could get more work done faster with up-to-date tech


Get everything in one app

Paycom gives employees 24/7 access to their HR data in one easy-to-use app. That means one login and one password to access and manage all their HR data themselves (not your overwhelmed HR department).

Employees cited too many logins as the No. 1 reason they don’t use their company’s HR platform infographic

“The fact that everything’s in the cloud and it is a full, true life cycle of an employee, from beginning to end, is super fantastic. This is the one-stop shop.”

—HR manager, parts supplier, Illinois

One tech that takes everything into account

A single software for all your HR and payroll needs

When you finally do away with multiple systems and outdated practices, employee frustrations start to disappear. See why Paycom is the right HR tech for you.

The proof is in the numbers

Yes, employees will use HR tech that is easy to use, but only Paycom’s single software is able to prove it. When HR performs tasks employees could handle themselves, it costs the company an average of $4.70 per manual data entry, per Ernst & Young research. Our industry-first Direct Data Exchange® tool monitors that usage and measures how employees entering their own data positively affects the bottom line.

$4.70 average cost per manual data entry by HR - Ernst & Young

Survey conducted by OnePoll for Paycom from Dec. 2, 2020, with a sample of 1,000 office workers (who can be currently working from home due to COVID-19).

Survey of 500 U.S. C-suite and HR professionals conducted in January 2022, research commissioned by Paycom and conducted by OnePoll.

“Direct Data Exchange shifted us to a whole new confidence level and an immediacy of having information at our fingertips. It allows us to focus on what’s really important: driving better results in the HR department.”

—senior vice president of human resources, professional sports franchise

Let’s turn frustration into satisfaction

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