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Deck the Halls with Top Performers

As 2014 comes to a close, now is the opportune time for employers to reflect on certain issues and trends while preparing for the New Year. One such point is the changing face of business as demographics reflect a more diverse workforce. Studies show that by 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the global workforce as they bring their own style and expectations to the table; meanwhile, baby boomers, with their own distinct values and expertise, are staying on the job longer.

This change in personnel sparks reason for a resolution in 2015: a desire to attract and develop the best talent. With its mix of holiday activity, seasonal lull and altered budgets, recruitment efforts can be challenging. According to a study by Monster, the fourth quarter presents the most complex hiring dynamics of the year; however, regardless of the recruitment lag, hiring managers should be looking for opportunities now, rather than waiting for the holidays to wrap up.

5 Reasons Q4 is Actually Prime Time for Recruiting

Despite the crazy dynamics presented by the holiday season, recruiting high-quality talent in those three months is possible. Because Thanksgiving and Christmas provide relative downtime, top performers normally too busy to respond to job offers and recruiter calls suddenly have time. Here are five reasons to gear up recruiting efforts all the way ‘til New Year’s Eve.

  1. Top performers have time. As more workers take time off for the holidays, projects can be placed on temporary hold until January rolls around. For go-getters, this delay represents wasted time, as not being able to work on key projects proves frustrating. Recruiters should take advantage of these frustrations and offer candidates opportunities to work on new projects.
  2. Other recruiters are on break. The holiday bug is contagious; you might find that some recruiters have been bitten. While others are stricken with relaxation, now is your opportune time to search for candidates.
  3. December graduation gives way for a new wave of college recruits. Remember, college graduation isn’t only held in spring; in fact, close to one-third of higher-ed students walk the stage in December. Be sure your recruitment team has a strategy in place to capture these freshly degreed individuals. You may find doing so rather easy, given that most recruiting programs build their strategies to focus on May and June grads.        
  4. Budget (or lack thereof) creates availability. Unfortunately, many companies budget positions ineffectively. When December rolls around, they have run out of head count until Jan. 1. If your company has planned accordingly, you can take full advantage of those resources and recruit during a generally inactive period.  
  5. New Year, new job. For many people, the end of the year marks a time of reflection: “Am I where I want to be? Should I be doing something else?” For some, the answer leads to job hunting, which is great for you! Take this chance to present new opportunities for those in search of changing more than just a calendar.

Almost without exception, recruiters are hardworking people. It’s a uniquely tough job that can be equally as rewarding if you’re prepared to deal with the pitfalls, pushback and inevitable challenges thrown your way. Knowing how to navigate the position’s highs and lows is extremely valuable. Stay headstrong through all 12 months of the year and just imagine the amount of recruiting goals you can conquer!