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Employee Sagas: Tales of Workplace Inefficiencies

Once upon a time, some employees, not so different from your co-workers, carried the burden of outdated workplace tech. Are these simply tales of fiction meant to scare HR professionals or are they true stories of the men and women who deal with inefficient tech every day?

Read on and decide for yourself!

Chapter 1: Nothing plain about Jane’s workday

In one hour, up-and-coming HR pro Jane will make a career-defining presentation to the CEO, but instead of perfecting her PowerPoint slides and refining her talking points, she spent her morning sorting through payroll information. After approving punch-change requests, she had to chase down last-minute expense submissions and verify the accuracy of her employees’ hours so she could get payroll submitted before the deadline. The clock is ticking, Jane!

While she’s meeting with the CEO, perhaps Jane should share the stats from a recent OnePoll survey. It discovered that some of the things employees would most like to see in their HR tech include the ability to check PTO accruals and more detailed information about their paychecks.

If Jane’s company had employed the right tech with an employee-driven payroll process, all of those things on the want list could be addressed. Jane would see an immediate improvement as most of the time-consuming payroll tasks that took up her morning would have been either automated or handled by the employees who already know the information better than she does. With the increased oversight she’d have from such functionality, all she would need to do is verify that everything is moving ahead normally and she could get back to focusing on the big presentation.

Three employees are pictured with frustrated facial expressions in different office scenarios.

Chapter 2: Raul loves surprises

Sometimes his kids surprise him by making breakfast. One time, his wife surprised him with 50-yard line tickets to the big game. Today, Raul got a new surprise when he found out that HR accidentally entered the wrong account number for his direct-deposit info. He spent his lunch hour filling out forms to change it at the last minute, but tomorrow is payday and it’s also the first of the month. Will Raul’s paycheck hit his account before his monthly payments go out?

Raul might also be surprised to find out only 50% of companies have an online payroll and HR platform, as found in the survey. It may not be soon enough for Raul, but according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, 76% of executives plan to increase the resources allocated to digital transformation in 2021. If Raul’s company used an HR platform with self-service tools, he would have been able to manage his personal data (including direct deposit info) right from his phone!

Chapter 3: Melissa’s first-class dilemma

Melissa just got an alert about a deep discount vacation package to Hawaii, but she has to act quickly before it sells out. She thinks she has enough PTO saved up, but finding the exact number takes too long and this deal won’t last forever. Dreaming of poolside hula lessons, she emails a time-off request to her boss anyway and hopes for the best. Will she get approval in time or is her company’s outdated system going to cost her a bargain beach vacation?

Melissa isn’t alone in wishing that her company had a more effective time management process in place. According to the aforementioned OnePoll survey, the ability to check PTO accruals and employee management tools were the top two on the respondents’ want list for HR tech. If Melissa’s company had embraced an HR platform designed for both the needs of employees and managers alike, she could easily check to see how much PTO she has accrued, and her manager could receive and approve time-off requests through a user-friendly app.

The burden and frustrations employees endure because of manual processes and outdated tech aren’t works of fiction. Are you ready to see the true power of self-service tech in a single software? Turn the page on your workplace tech with Paycom!