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HR Pros in Their Own Words: Tech and the Employee Experience

How do you know which HR tech can actually help you eliminate costly processes companywide? The answer naturally involves increased efficiencies and profit margins, but it should also include the employees on whom successful operation depends.

Not just HR employees, either, but every individual your company employs. Their experience with your organization begins with their first impression during recruitment and preboarding. It continues through an ongoing journey of engagement and development.

When HR tech is easy for every employee to use, you can rely on it to provide a consistent connection point between workers and HR. It can be a real driver of a positive employee experience.

When HR tech is difficult to use, or employees don’t have access to it, everyone’s work experience becomes more difficult – not just HR’s. Conversely, when it’s as easy for employees to use as the apps they use for everything else, HR tech becomes a real contributor to a positive employee experience.

Why do we believe that? Our clients say so. Here’s what they’ve told us.

What clients say

An engaging employee experience starts well before a worker’s first day. Consider what the risk manager for a construction contractor had to say about the importance of self-service technology.

“At the most recent job fair we went to, we set up a kiosk, and people who were interested, we just started having them go into the Paycom app and start putting in their applications,” he said.

Once new workers were hired, they used the same app to provide access to self-paced training. During onboarding, “we have some people who are available to help in case they run into any issues, but for the most part, the employee is kind of going through training all on his own.”

The executive management analyst at a large delivery company found that self-service tech streamlined their onboarding process as well. “Because of Paycom,” she said, “we’re getting drivers on the road three to five days faster than before!”

Once employees are ready to start their work, giving them convenient access to their own information alleviates unnecessary administrative burdens. The executive management analyst shared that “since we started using Paycom, we’ve eliminated so much work that was on our payroll employee. Our employees love the access to their information, especially PTO requests.” (And the payroll employee, who had single-handedly been managing 18 different payrolls before Paycom, breathed a sigh of relief!)

Coworkers using HR tech

Giving employees 24-7 access to their own data (such as PTO accruals, benefits information, pay rates, development history and more) also contributes to a much-valued sense of autonomy for workers.

The HR director at a beverage company made this a priority when she switched providers.

“We want employees to feel empowered to request time off, view pay stubs – whatever they want. With self-onboarding, they’ve already experienced the Paycom system and come prepared before they even start,” she said. “Our employees love the ease of the system. They’ve mentioned how nice it is to use Paycom and be able to see everything that’s going on.”

Ultimately, creating a culture where your workforce feels supported and can grow professionally is the end goal of cultivating an appealing employee experience.

At a fire protection company, the vice president of operations shared how they use Paycom’s comprehensive app to develop the future of their workforce from within. They have developed and implemented an apprentice program and full learning course for technicians, giving them the opportunity to gain new skills and level up.

Paycom Learning is perfect for this type of training. Our employees can watch the lessons, take tests and further their career,” she said. “It’s worth it. It makes things so much easier because it’s all online. It’s easier for our employees, too – so definitely worth it.”

Easy does it

As demonstrated by the stories of clients across a wide variety of industries, ease of use is the key to successful employee adoption of HR tech. It’s also a major contributor to a positive employee experience, which means more engagement, higher retention rates and a better overall impression of your organization on the part of current and future employees – all of which are crucial to ultimate success!