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How to Shape the Culture You Want Using HR Software

Culture is inevitable. It happens whether you determine its shape or not. It makes sense then to take control over your company’s culture in order to make it the best that it can be.

Employees either love, tolerate or despise the companies they work for and although attitude plays a part, a company’s culture is also a contributing factor. What is culture like at your organization?

  • Are your employees engaged?
  • Do they trust what you tell them?
  • Are they motivated at work?
  • Do they feel appreciated?

Be honest with yourself. If your answers to these questions weren’t what you had hoped for, make adjustments. Don’t be idle; consciously shape culture with intention. With work and effort, any culture can become one to rave about.

Changing your company’s culture can be a challenge, but the right tools can make it a little easier.

Improves transparency

Employees want to feel involved and appreciate transparency. With a employee self-service, employees can easily access their personal information, such as W-2, paystubs, time-off accruals and more anytime, anywhere.

Let’s take for example, performance reviews. With a self-service portal, employees can go back and look at past performance reviews to measure their success or perhaps see where they are falling short.

Having this information readily available to them evokes a sense of trust; where employees don’t feel like things are being hidden from them. This is any easy way to establish trust, creating a more productive environment and a more open company culture.

Strengthens confidence and motivation

What I’m about to say might surprise you, but a learning management system can improve culture. How? To begin, employers who encourage continuing education show they care about the success of their employees. Through online training sessions employees build their knowledge repertoires. They improve upon skillsets and perhaps acquire new ones, which boosts confidence. Setting clear development paths and incremental goals keeps employees motivated. And it’s no secret that a confident and motivated workforce cultivates a strong company culture.

Makes recognition easier

We all like to be recognized every once in a while, especially when the work we’ve done has made a positive impact on the company we work for. HR software makes it easier to recognize these accomplishments. Because compensation is tied to performance, employers can quickly and efficiently communicate with employees regarding rewards, perks and raises.

Before you can think about making changes to your culture, you first must understand what already exists. If employee engagement is lacking, the trust between employee and employer seems to be lost, or motivation is dead, it might be time to consider how HR software can help change the mold.

Original artwork by Edgar Lopez.