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Why Digital Learning Defines Successful Companies

As the workplace continues to evolve and becomes increasingly more complex in today’s tight labor market, one defining factor of successful companies remains the same: strategic employee learning and development initiatives.

For many companies, a gap exists between the goals of the organization and the employee training required to achieve those goals.

For example, Harvard Business Review found that 70% of employees reported a lack of mastery in the skills needed to do their jobs. And Gallup reported that more than two-thirds of employees are disengaged at work.

When you put those two stats together, it appears that a well-considered talent and skills development strategy may provide an antidote to both situations.

To meet business goals and customer demands in this tight labor market, companies that have found success have also realized this solution and are utilizing learning technology to accelerate their upskilling and reskilling programs.

Employees want it

It could be easy to assume that unmotivated employees are to blame, but that’s not the case. According to Deloitte, 90% of employees said a culture of constant learning was crucial to success, yet only 34% felt their organization was equipping them with the knowledge they need. Moreover, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, employees receive between a mere six to 12 minutes of training per year.

digital learning infographic

In other words, employees aren’t getting the opportunity to grow and develop their skills. However, it is without a doubt that employees crave and expect skills development.

Employee performance is the primary driver of business success, so ensuring employees receive proper training and acknowledgment is crucial to engagement and growth. Training leads to more engagement.

According to Forrester as reported in Forbes, “Engaged employees spend more time than other colleagues trying to improve their work performance through learning and deliberate development. These are the types of workers every company wants, and they expect their employers to match their ambition with effective training.”

The solution is simple

The key to solving the learning and development puzzle is simple: The right HR technology is needed to meet employees where they are now, whether in person or online, whether back at the office, working remotely or in a hybrid situation.

Platforms like Paycom Learning make it simple to provide your employees the training they need in a platform that is easy to use and integrated with how employees work. Its customizable training modules and video capabilities allow for personalized training to bring your workforce the best experiences and achieve your business objectives while engaging your employees. This is incredibly important to help create a connection with your workforce, whether social or emotional, because post-2020, they arguably crave that more than ever.

Employee learning and development not only sets your company up for success now, but also helps you stay competitive by recruiting top talent for a brighter future. The right HR tech allows you to hire, onboard and train employees digitally while fostering culture, connection and communication from Day 1 and beyond.


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