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Why Employees Need the Right HR Tools

Have you ever streamed a new movie from the comfort of your couch or skipped long lines using self-checkouts?

If so, then you know when great tech makes our lives easier, it just feels right. And when we’re weighed down by the wrong tools, there’s almost nothing more frustrating.

The same is true for work, too! In fact, a survey of 1,000 office workers conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Paycom in December 2020 revealed 77% of employees are fed up with outdated HR tech and software. Between too many logins for just as many separate systems and outdated — or even paper-based — processes, it makes sense.

After all, if we’re already using seamless, easy-to-use tools at home, why should work lag behind?

Disjointed tech = no reason to celebrate

Fire extinguishers are great, but they’re a little much for birthday candles — especially if you enjoy cake!

""Even effective tools can miss the mark if they’re not used appropriately. Similarly, you could have several pieces of great tech at work, but if they’re not interacting with one another the way you need them to, are they really helping at all? And what does HR need to ensure fluid processes without a constant back-and-forth between systems?

For starters, having the HR tools you need accessible through one easy-to-use app helps keep everything conveniently on the table. Have you ever wished for an onboarding experience that automatically carries your new hire data through the rest of your HR life cycle? Or a benefits enrollment tool that provides valuable insight into how selections will impact your pay?

Surprise! You don’t have to wish at all!

From reporting needs to daily processes, both HR and employees thrive when their software works seamlessly with one another. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too!

The secret sauce for the right tech

If you’re building a desk, look no further than the tried and true circular saw. But if you’re using it to slice through pizza — not to mention your countertop — your kitchen’s in for an unexpected paint job.

Plenty of tools get the job done, but not all of them get it done well. And when it comes to HR apps, great tech isn’t defined by what has the most options, but what has the right features employees want to use.

""But what kind of tools should HR keep an eye out for? For one, a self-service payroll experience allows you to verify, troubleshoot and approve your paycheck before it hits your account, without the need to use email or a different system to ask questions. Plus, a tool to easily train and upskill anytime, anywhere provides the perfect recipe for successful professional development.

It’s like the aroma of a fresh-from-the-oven pizza, free of any sawdust.

Are you tired of struggling with the wrong tools at work? Click here to see how Paycom, one easy-to-use app for HR and payroll, makes all the difference.

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