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Behind the Badge: Josian’s Story

Josian C. | January 29, 2024

Are you looking for meaningful work that helps others find success? Read Josian’s story. Josian is a Paycom client support specialist who found growth, opportunity and community in his role.

Meaning, fulfillment and achievement: A client support specialist talks limitless opportunities.

I started at Paycom one year ago in the Paycom Service Department (PSD). Since then, I’ve learned so much, but most importantly, I’ve noticed that finding meaningful, impactful work is possible, even in your early 20s.

I came to the United States in 2012 from Puerto Rico. When my family and I first got to America, learning English was a struggle. I began reading as much as I could. Characters in novels who achieved more than their ages inspired me. Over time, reading helped me grasp new vocabulary and develop my communication skills.

I worked in many different roles before starting at Paycom, but none sparked my interest or offered the growth opportunities I craved. My sister-in-law was my initial connection to Paycom. She worked in the Paycom Tax department. She told me about the culture, expectations and career-scaling opportunities and piqued my interest.

Through researching, I quickly realized Paycom specialists are at the center of everything related to Paycom’s clients. They answer questions and troubleshoot problems to help clients make the most of the Paycom software. Those who work as Paycom specialists operate like Swiss army knives; they are versatile and helpful.

I was thankful that after applying, I secured a role as a Paycom specialist in PSD. When I stepped into the Texas Operations Center, I knew I had made the right move.

Finding meaningful work

Today, my core strength lies in building relationships. Perhaps it’s from being part of such a large family, but I love connecting with people.

When I first started, team leadership told me a big part of the role relied on connecting with clients. It isn’t a role where you come in, do your work and leave. You are the main point of contact and a bridge between the software and the client. You nurture trust with clients and your teammates. Yes, you fix problems as they arise, but more importantly, you fall back on the deep relationships around you.

I’ve found that success comes from constantly looking for ways to make others’ lives easier. That selflessness has grown in me since starting at Paycom and it’s something I encourage in new team members as they onboard.

A big part of making work meaningful comes from situations that challenge me; it’s by far my favorite part of the job!

A day in the life

A Paycom specialist comes in once clients are integrated into the software. So as soon as we are hired, we go through robust training and development that helps us understand our roles and know the best ways to support clients as they use the software.

We start with a morning meeting each day and discuss our priorities to ensure we are ready for what’s ahead. I especially love Mondays because everything is in order and ready to go.

Every day is different, but coming in prepared puts the whole team on track. Adaptability is another crucial ingredient to success for a Paycom specialist.

All that preparation helps us support clients no matter their questions. It’s a great feeling when someone calls in needing help and I can answer their questions.

Positive feedback culture

Finding a fulfilling and challenging job took me a while, but my current role provides the balance I crave. My job keeps me on my toes!

Paycom provides many opportunities for feedback and ways to track progress. We use metrics that help us reach our full potential. I’m constantly pushing myself and my co-workers to refine skills, understand how our software benefits clients and exceed client expectations.

It’s been encouraging to have such a supportive team. You can’t individually know everything and solve every issue, but with team members like ours, we share our experiences, rely on one another and give clients the best possible service.

We also balance our work ethic with fun. One of my favorite hobbies is shooting hoops in our campus’ on-site gym while listening to music or playing ping pong with work friends. Although I don’t always win, I’m definitely competitive and love beating my co-workers on our breaks!

Since I started at Paycom, my career goals have continued to evolve and expand. I’m still in my early 20s and have already seen real achievement. I’m grateful for all I’ve learned and excited for what’s to come. I know the sky is the limit!

If you’re interested in reaching your potential, join me as we shoot for the top! Apply to Paycom today!

About the author
Author picture, Josian C.
Josian C.
As a senior Paycom specialist, Josian works directly with Paycom clients to ensure they make the most of Paycom’s software. He helps HR and payroll professionals reach their potential and develops excellent customer service and technical support for Paycom. Josian works to build and maintain relationships with clients to ensure customer satisfaction. Outside work, Josian is involved in his church and volunteers with local religious organizations when he’s not spending time with his family.