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How to Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job

Abraham Mendieta | June 13, 2023

Social media has changed the world in countless ways, including how job seekers find, apply to and secure new opportunities. I’ll even take it a step further: Social media has emerged as the most valuable tool for professionals of all ages and experience levels.

So how can you harness the power of social media to expand your network, showcase your expertise and gain a competitive edge in the job market? You probably know what not to do on social media, but using it in a way that helps you professionally might be less apparent, especially if you’re a new or recent graduate.

In this blog post, I’ll share six social media best practices to help you stand out from the pack and put your best foot forward in an increasingly competitive job market.

1. Conduct a social media audit

Social media profiles are the new first impressions. In a Harris Poll survey, 70% of hiring decision-makers said employers should screen the profiles of every applicant — so anything less than a sterling digital personality can disqualify you from consideration.

Before you apply for anything, take stock of your social profiles and identify areas where you can improve your online presence. Note which accounts are private, which accounts publicly show your likes and posts, and if you have accounts you haven’t used in recent years. And of course, be sure to delete any old accounts so your content presents you in the best, most accurate light. Most employers have zero tolerance for offensive or inappropriate content.

2. Create a professional social media profile on LinkedIn

A lot of social platforms have professional capabilities, but LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best place to start. More than just a networking tool, LinkedIn offers a wide range of resources for all types of job seekers, and recruiters use it every day to seek out candidates.

When building your profile, be sure to write a compelling headline, compose a well-crafted summary and highlight your skills and experiences with relevant keywords to help you show up in searches. And if you’re comfortable doing it, sharing professional, engaging content on the platform is a great way to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

3. Talk about your skills and achievements

Did you finish a big project? Win an industry award for your work? Get certified in a particular field? Tell your network about it. Sharing your skills and achievements can grab the attention of top recruiters and could be what helps you get your foot in the door. LinkedIn is the most appropriate platform to highlight these achievements, but it doesn’t hurt to share on platforms like Instagram or Facebook as well.

4. Find and apply to new jobs

According to a CareerArc/Harris Poll survey, 62% of Generation Z and 56% of millennials have applied to job opportunities they found on social media. The reason: Businesses use platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even TikTok to advertise new openings and reach out to potential applicants.

To optimize your job-seeking efforts, follow the companies you’re most interested in, engage with their content and stay informed about their current recruitment efforts. Being actively engaged on social media, especially professional channels like LinkedIn, can help you find doors you didn’t know were open.

5. Vet potential employers

Not only does social media help employers vet candidates — it also helps candidates vet employers. Before applying for a role, job seekers can (and should) use social media to learn about a potential employer’s values, personality and product or service. (At Paycom, we showcase our company culture on our LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.)

If you’re able to score an interview, be sure to check out the hiring manager’s profile to get a feel for their professional background and interests. This knowledge can help you establish a rapport in the interview while demonstrating your genuine interest in the company.

6. Share your personality

Businesses want to hire people, not robots. Sharing content that displays your charisma — whether it’s a podcast you enjoy or a recap of your summer vacation — allows potential employers to see the human behind the application. (Just be sure to share on the appropriate platforms and avoid any compromising posts.) Showing off your personality, the things that make you you, can ensure you make a great first impression — and ultimately land your dream job.

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About the author
Author picture, Abraham Mendieta
Abraham Mendieta
As an employer brand marketer, Abraham Mendieta helps the recruiting teams engage top talent and increase brand awareness. Mendieta is a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he earned degrees in both sociology and advertising. His efforts on Paycom’s employer brand team include company culture; careers; and diversity, equity and inclusion. Outside work, Abraham enjoys reading, going to the gym, spending time outdoors and hanging out with his family and friends.