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Meet Gabby and Nathalie: Paycom Employees Growing Boundary-Crossing Careers

Abraham Mendieta | January 18, 2024

When companies take on big goals, these initiatives not only expand the capabilities of the organization, they create new opportunities for team members to develop and expand their careers. In the past year, Paycom has launched one of its biggest expansions by going global with our single-software HR and payroll tech. We started by introducing Canada to Beti®, our tool that empowers employees to do their own payroll, and most recently, we’ve expanded our transformative payroll services to Mexico.

International expansion isn’t an easy task. It presents unique challenges, like working within new legal frameworks and taxation systems. For our expansion into Mexico, Paycom needed collaborative and innovative team members who were ready for a challenging environment that included a new language, laws and business culture.

One of the critical members of Paycom’s global expansion team was Nathalie. In addition to her pivotal role in this initiative, she was also a member of the Hispanic Organization for Leadership Advancement Employee Resource Group (HOLA ERG).


Nathalie, a fluent Spanish speaker who lived in Mexico for several years, began her Paycom journey as a development project manager. The global team initially requested just three days of her time to assist with the Mexico initiative, but when she quickly proved her value, she earned a full-time role as part of their team.

“We were ready and hungry to grow,” said Nathalie. “I believe in this global expansion. I believe in the mission, the vision and the product we sell. I see the value in it.”

Nathalie leveraged her product management skills as the budding team built new processes and systems. If something needed to be done, she stepped out of her comfort zone and accomplished the task.

“‘Where is the support needed? Let me schedule a meeting. Let me schedule their agendas. Let me write requirements for product,’” said Nathalie. “I did anything that we needed to move forward.”

Before long, Nathalie was supporting her team with a bilingual skill set as she facilitated meetings with vendors and contacted agencies in Mexico. Because her background gave her a unique perspective, she was able think outside the box to help her new colleagues get this initiative closer to the finish line.

“To know I work for a company that’s expanding and to be able to contribute to it, leverage my skills and stay true to my identity and who I am, it was a magnificent opportunity. That’s why I joined,” Nathalie said.

To successfully launch the Mexico expansion project, Paycom also needed someone well-versed in the Mexico legal and tax systems. A search of LinkedIn found a perfect match: Gabby, a Paycom tax specialist.


Gabby grew up in Mexico, where she attended university and began her career as a lawyer, working at the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT), an agency within the Mexican government with functions similar to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

After immigrating to the United States, Gabby began working at Paycom in the tax issues department. She excelled in her role and was later invited to join the global team focused on expanding Paycom’s services to Mexico.

“They said to me, ‘Gabby, it is just so crazy you are here at Paycom because we were looking to hire someone who worked at the SAT,’” Gabby said, recounting her first conversation with the global team. “‘We did research on LinkedIn, and you were the second name. You were already here at Paycom!’”

Gabby’s experience was vital to the launch. As a Mexican lawyer and former SAT employee, Gabby brought new insights that helped Paycom’s payroll product expand into Mexico. During her time at the SAT, Mexico’s tax system had undergone major changes that Gabby was able to share with the global team. Not only did she speak English and Spanish, she was also fluent in the uniquely complicated language of accounting, taxes and legal functions conducted in Spanish.

Gabby was proud to bring Paycom’s product to her home country, and she found her work to be rewarding and purpose driven.

Because of Gabby, Nathalie and the contributions of the entire global team, employees in Mexico are empowered to do their own payroll with Paycom’s Beti. Paycom has always simplified life for employees and HR, and that mission continues to expand around the world.

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Abraham Mendieta
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