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HR And Payroll Software For Professional Sports Organizations

HR and payroll to help you keep your head in the game

Don’t let HR and payroll responsibilities distract you from generating revenue and creating the ultimate game day experience for fans.

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Here’s why professional sports organizations are trading up for Paycom

  • Employees enter and manage their HR and payroll data in an easy-to-use app to ensure accuracy, give employees peace of mind and relieve HR and team leaders from time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Easily navigate tax requirements for employees who live in one state and work in another.
  • Accurately pay salaried and hourly employees regardless of role or pay structure — including bonuses, expense reimbursements and per diems — with Beti®, our employee-guided payroll experience.
  • Smoothly hire, onboard and offboard seasonal employees, and perfectly orchestrate training for game-day staff for all roles and levels.
  • Help ensure compliance with employment laws, labor regulations, union contracts and multiple-FEIN business structures to avoid audits and costly fines.
  • And it’s all done in Paycom’s single HR and payroll software.

Major League Benefits To The Bottom Line

How to win big with our game-changing tech

The more employees use Paycom, the more your bottom line benefits. And when you achieve 100% employee usage, you’re able to maximize efficiency and your ROI. Our current roster has already scored 100% and are enjoying millions of dollars in savings.

New England Patriots and New England Revolution


approximated employee-usage score



employees using Paycom across multiple states



savings calculated by Direct Data Exchange® in the last 12 months


All the tools you need to achieve HR and payroll victory

Employees ensure payroll accuracy with Beti®

You have a wide range of employees on your payroll. Whether it’s commissions for sales reps or hourly employees, payroll must be right. When employees do their own payroll with Beti, accuracy and engagement increase. After all, who knows what their pay should be better than they do?

  • Identifies errors and guides employees to fix them before payroll submission
  • Automatically builds payroll for you and factors in various pay structures
  • Decreases employer liability with increased oversight into the process

Maximize your ROI with Direct Data Exchange®

Direct Data Exchange enables your HR team to gauge employee usage of HR tech with precision — and develop a game plan to bring usage scores to 100%.

  • Real-time results and employee usage scores
  • Assigned dollar values for each employee-performed task
  • A graphical dashboard for big-picture views
  • A detailed view into data entries made by HR vs. employees

Reduce your administrative burden with Employee Self-Service®

Employees come and go throughout the season, creating a data-entry burden on your HR team. Employee Self-Service allows employees to update and manage their own data in our easy-to-use app.

  • Employees self-manage payroll and HR tasks with 24/7 access
  • Data ownership increases accuracy and boosts morale
  • Frees team members to focus on the game-day experience

Keep work from piling up with Manager on-the-Go®

Your unique workplace is abuzz with activity. So you can’t always be tied to your desk to perform managerial duties. Manager on-the-Go allows you to complete essential tasks — anywhere, anytime — through our mobile app.

  • Approve timecards, PTO, expenses and more
  • View applications and resumes and move candidates through the hiring process
  • Monitor performance and manage reviews
  • Create, manage and review employee schedules
  • Available in English and Spanish

Develop your workforce with Paycom Learning

Given the diversity of employees and roles in your organization, training needs vary in complexity. Paycom Learning allows for easy and consistent training for everyone — all in our single software.

  • Mitigate compliance risk with mobile-friendly training
  • Maintain audit trails for easy reporting when needed
  • Create a culture of growth and development
  • Choose from built-in courses, create your own or add subscriptions
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Learn more about what our tools do for your organization

We take security seriously. Our comprehensive, in-depth and industry-proven standards and technologies protect and defend customer data — and their privacy. Plus, we’re one of the few payroll processors to be ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, SOC 1 and SOC 2-certified. Each year, we also undergo formal audits and verifications for compliance.

Paycom takes the guesswork out of tax calculations. With built-in tax compliance features, it automatically calculates and withholds the correct federal, state and local taxes for players, coaches and staff. This ensures accurate and timely tax submissions. And because professional sports organizations are always on the move, Paycom’s mobile app allows teams to manage tax-related tasks from anywhere. Players and staff can view and update their tax information conveniently and securely.

Because player contracts in professional sports can be incredibly intricate — with various forms of compensation including base salary, bonuses and incentives — Paycom is equipped to handle the tax implications of these contracts, ensuring proper reporting and withholding.

Because professional sports organizations often operate across multiple states, each with its own tax laws, Paycom simplifies multistate tax management by keeping up to date with tax code changes and provides those real-time tax updates, minimizing the risk of compliance errors.

Within Paycom, user access groups allow for restricted access and limited permissions for specified users. However, admins have full access to all employees.

Yes, Paycom can handle multiple commission earnings on the same payroll.

Our talent acquisition and management tools take the administrative burden off HR, so your org can easily handle the ebbs and flows of your unique hiring process. Hire multiple employees at once within Paycom. Then, access employee profiles for each candidate. New hires are empowered to enter their own information, which populates systemwide, and group actions allow you to easily handle end-of-season terminations. Because these tools work seamlessly together in one place, you’re set up for success throughout the entire seasonal hiring cycle.

Yes, employees can be put into different scheduling groups to accommodate this.

For all your HR and payroll needs in a single software, choose Paycom.