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3 Reasons Why One Way Is Better

Business Process Management

Business process management is defined by, a group dedicated to the practice, this way:

“Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline involving any combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement and optimization of business activity flows, in support of enterprise goals, spanning systems, employees, customers and partners within and beyond the enterprise boundaries.”

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

It’s actually quite simple, though — and it’s something we all want to master: We want to make our business processes more smooth so our company can make more money.

But when there are so many processes, it can be overwhelming to try to streamline them. For HR alone, your company might need tools for applicant tracking, onboarding, learning management, performance evaluations, benefits management, expense reporting, analytics, payroll, background checks, employee self-service … the list goes on and on.

And if you’re using different tools for all these processes, it’s likely that your company is losing productivity.

Kill two birds (or more!) with one stone by searching for an all-in-one human capital management (HCM) tool. It’s the best proactive approach on the market today and yet, for some reason, the most underutilized. Here are three reasons you’ll love the switch to a single-application HCM solution:

It’s simpler to learn.

Imagine if, on your first day at a new job, you were assigned 7 logins and told to familiarize yourself with all the various tools they unlock. Now imagine getting just one login for one tool. Which would you prefer? When the green button always means “save” or there’s always a master menu on the top left, your employees will be empowered to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

It creates better communication.

There’s a lot of talk about integration and APIs and widgets designed to allow different software programs to “talk” to each other, but when you’re using an all-in-one HCM tool, you don’t have to set any of that up. All the branches of the tool work in perfect harmony with each other from the get-go. And that ease of communication extends to your team, too — employees will share common language, instructions, methods and permissions across your entire organization.

It’s more accurate.

When all employee data is entered into a single database, which populates the entire system, it’s easy to find and correct errors. But when data is being logged into three different places, uploaded into a fourth place, and downloaded in a fifth, there’s a lot of room for error. When you bring all your processes under one roof, all the I’s stay dotted and T’s crossed.

Cost-effectiveness and the ease of running reports across multiple departments are just two more reasons to choose an all-in-one tool.

So take a step back and decide if you’re using too many programs that are lugging your company down. It may be time to clean house and switch to one service that allows you to focus on the work you actually want to do.

About the author
Author picture, Jason Bodin
Jason Bodin
Jason Bodin has been the communications pulse for a number of organizations, including Paycom, where he serves as director of public relations and corporate communications. He helped launch Paycom’s blog, webinar platform and social media channels. He aided in the development of Paycom’s tool to assist organizations in complying with the Affordable Care Act, one of the largest changes in health care the country has seen. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Bodin previously worked for ESPN and Fox Sports. In his free time, he enjoys adventuring with his family, reading and strengthening his business acumen.