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Why Pro Sports Teams Need HR Software With High Cybersecurity Standards

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    No professional sports organization succeeds by staying the same. They need accurate data to lead their teams to victory and truly connect with their fans. But athlete data isn’t the only category that matters. Without prioritizing their employees’ info, these businesses could be held back by disengagement and noncompliance. Read how Paycom helps pro sports organizations gather, act and protect their workforce’s data.

    Data influences every decision a professional sports organization makes.

    Think of the last time you watched a halftime show or noticed a team’s new color scheme. Showcasing an award-winning artist or shifting from maroon to crimson wasn’t random. Neither were:

    • stadium upgrades and renovations
    • an enhanced training and recruiting program
    • a partnership with a new, state-of-the-art medical facility
    • a move to another city or state
    • updates to concessions and merchandise

    These choices help pro sports teams increase the longevity of their players, brand and connection with fans.

    And securing data is just as important as acting on it. Athletes, sponsors and fans all have a stake in the security of their personal info. In the hands of competitors, the insight pro sports organizations collect could be turned against them, from a new branding strategy to the medical status of a hospitalized player.

    Employee data is undeniably valuable, too. Pro sports organizations must not only protect that info, but also understand their workforce to maximize efficiency across the board. Here’s how Paycom’s single HR software helps them achieve this and more.

    How Paycom keeps pro sports organizations’ data accurate

    While pro athletes prove their expertise on the field, their organizations must be experts in the game of leveraging data:

    • Coaches need to know the exact strengths of their players to craft a winning strategy.
    • Marketing has to deliver what fans expect for them to care.
    • Event coordinators need to pinpoint what will excite people and convince them to represent a team outside games.

    Among these initiatives, none succeeds without accurate data. Even if a pro sports organization knows what fans care about, that won’t be true forever. These organizations need a constant stream of reliable info, especially as it relates to employees.

    How else would they know their training is missing the mark or if onboarding is taking way too long? Even a championship-winning team doesn’t guarantee the best and brightest employees backed by flawless HR processes.

    Paycom helps ensure pro sports organizations’ compliance and data accuracy by empowering employees to manage their own info. At the heart of this is Beti®, our automated payroll experience. The tech works by automatically identifying errors, then guiding employees to fix them before payroll submission.

    Workers see their pay first and verify it’s accurate, getting ahead of costly, harmful and trust-breaking mistakes that require retroactive corrections. Beti also helps lower employer liability, since its self-building approach eliminates the need for data reentry.

    When it comes to HR, employees define accuracy. Paycom helps pro sports organizations maintain it by allowing their people to update their addresses, direct-deposit info and more — anytime, anywhere. After all, workers — not their employers — have the most to lose when their data’s wrong.

    How Paycom helps pro sports organizations make the most of their data

    Remember, data only goes so far by itself. Coaching staff can’t just know what their athletes excel at; they have to act on it to amplify their players’ performance.

    The same is true for providing fans with an experience they actually want. Paycom helps pro sports organizations apply this logic to their employees with Direct Data Exchange®.

    This built-in tool works by taking a real-time pulse of workers’ interactions with Paycom’s self-service tech. It then assigns a dollar value — informed by Ernst & Young research — to determine a company’s ROI gains with each point of use. Like tweaking the nuances of a game-changing play, Direct Data Exchange also reveals opportunities to maximize ROI.

    Meanwhile, as employees take full advantage of Paycom, everyone in the organization benefits. For example:

    • accounting can identify profit leaks related to tech usage
    • HR can focus on the employee experience, not administrative duties and manual tasks
    • other departments like concessions and maintenance enjoy focused and engaged staff
    • leaders can make data-driven decisions around what their workforce needs

    Pro sports teams can’t be static. They must evolve to establish and maintain their dynasties. Paycom helps these organizations keep their workforce data protected and accurate, so they can continue to write their legacies with confidence.

    How Paycom boosts cybersecurity for pro sports organizations

    How we defend ourselves changes with technology. The same tools that make our lives more convenient also cause us to leave a bigger digital footprint. In pro sports, for example, collecting biometric data allows organizations to:

    • keep athletes safer and help prevent catastrophic injuries
    • engage fans with in-depth stats on their favorite players
    • adapt training and coaching based on their team’s performance

    But harnessing this info isn’t without compliance concerns, either. In fact, collective bargaining agreements have evolved to consider who owns this data and how it relates to contract negotiations.

    While how biometric data should be secured and regulated is an ongoing discussion, the need to protect employee data isn’t. Like athletes, each employee has valuable private info related to their:

    • taxes
    • families
    • legal matters
    • medical history
    • emails, addresses and phone numbers

    If any of this extremely sensitive data leaks, it could harm workers and break the trust they have in their employer. On top of this, a pro sports organization could face unexpected audits or other penalties — such as a HIPAA violation — spurred by poor data security.

    Compliance vulnerability harms everyone, and a questionable employee experience dominoes into declining fan service and engagement. That’s why Paycom guards employee data within a single-database software. The 256-bit encrypted tech eliminates the need for data reentry and external HR and payroll systems that create openings for lost data.

    We’re also among one of the few payroll processors to be certified in:

    • ISO 27001
    • ISO 27701
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 22301
    • SOC 1 and SOC 2

    Pro sports organizations tout some of the most visible brands in the country — and even around the world. Paycom understands a lot of eyes can bring just as much prying. That’s why we use intrusion-detection systems, traffic monitoring and multifactor authentication to protect the team that interacts with the fans most: employees.

    Ultimately, data defines the longevity of pro sports teams. And for these organizations to make the best decisions possible for their employees, they need an HR tech provider that’s dedicated to providing actionable, accurate and unquestionably secure data.

    Request a personalized demo to see how Paycom helps your pro sports organization win.

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