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Why Businesses Need the Right HR Tools

We all have the potential to do something great. Maybe it’s landing a new certification or carving a path to upper management. But when the wrong tools keep you from working efficiently, the only place you’re going fast is nowhere.

Sure, you might be able to get a job done, but that hardly means you’re doing it fast — or even well. The same is true for HR and payroll software.

I know from experience. In fact, I never would’ve become the top real estate broker in New York City without embracing technology. Whenever my business was pushed to the next level, the base for that change was always the right tech.

The same can be true for anyone in any workplace. Here’s how.

The long road of inefficiency

Imagine you were tasked with painting a 30-mile stretch of highway. You’ve got everything you need: a safety vest, paint and … a tiny brush? With any luck, you might be able to finish the job by the time you retire.

No one would bother with this job, right? Yet when employees are tasked with entering and reentering their HR data time and time again, it’s no different. Even worse, their info is likely spread across several systems that don’t speak to one another. Not only did they waste time needlessly entering their data; their clunky HR software makes it hard for them to access it, too!


Nothing is more irritating than not being in control of your own information. I knew this when I first started working, and top talent know it today. But in a survey from OnePoll, 77% of employees say they’re frustrated with outdated tech at work. For an overwhelming number of workers, something as simple as managing benefits, time-off balances or even their own pay is a recurring headache.

Cutting to the big picture

Think about this: Your lawn’s due for a cut. Instead of a mower, you’re stuck with a pair of scissors. Sure, you’ll be able to get the exact length you need … one blade of grass at a time. But by the time you’ve addressed a tenth of your yard, what you already cut has grown back — and then some!

Now apply this to HR: With the wrong tools, HR professionals might still be able to address one employee’s issue and perhaps even find a small opportunity for growth. But without HR tools to help them see the widespread, real-time impact of how employees use — or don’t use — their existing tech, it’s hard for them to:

  • deliver a better experience
  • find opportunities for greater efficiency
  • raise productivity with higher engagement

Let’s take another look at the OnePoll research. While almost half of employees say they sign up for benefits using digital forms or emails, only 18% of them use their company’s HR software to enroll. HR might use a tool that works, but if it doesn’t empower their people, then it hardly works well.


HR management tools are like a faithful riding lawnmower when they’re unified. They allow HR pros and employees alike to work faster and easier, as everything they would need is accessible in just one place. Employees don’t need to spend hours re-keying their data, and HR enjoys consistency and accuracy.

Plus, while employees manage and verify their own info, HR doesn’t have to spend that time doing it for them. It’s a win-win.

Best of all? We don’t need to just dream about satisfied employees, stronger data and more confident HR pros. An easy-to-use app for HR and payroll provides the right tools for business needs today!

Learn more about how the wrong tools hold back everybody here. And explore Paycom’s single, easy-to-use app to see how it easily and swiftly rights workplace tech wrongs.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein does not constitute the provision of legal advice, tax advice, accounting services or professional consulting of any kind. The information provided herein should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional legal, tax, accounting or other professional advisers. Before making any decision or taking any action, you should consult a professional adviser who has been provided with all pertinent facts relevant to your particular situation and for your particular state(s) of operation.

About the author
Author picture, Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran
Barbara Corcoran, Shark on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” is the author of the best seller “Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business!” and host of top podcasts “Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran” and “888-Barbara”. Corcoran is a motivational and inspirational speaker. She is a frequent small business and real estate contributor on every major network. Corcoran has been an investor/Shark for the past ten seasons on ABC’s four-time Emmy award winning show, Shark Tank, investing in over 80 businesses to date. Follow Barbara on Twitter and Instagram @BarbaraCorcoran.