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3 Reasons to Love Where You Work at Paycom

Emma White | February 9, 2024

Work is more than a place to do a job. Sure, our occupations let us make money and maximize our talents, but they also help us:

  • make lifelong friends and colleagues
  • develop and amplify our skills
  • align our careers with personal goals

When our employers meet or exceed these expectations, it empowers us to thrive. Unfortunately, only 51% of employees said they were very or extremely satisfied with their work overall, according to Pew Research Center.

Happiness makes the difference between a job and a career. Fulfilled employees enjoy great and clear:

At Paycom, we provide our employees with access to these fulfilling factors and more. Here are just three reasons we love working at Paycom.

1. The people

Throughout life, we meet people who shape our experience and form connections that unquestionably change us. It happens during school, in social circles and, of course, at work.

When we contribute to something larger than ourselves, it helps us find value and purpose in our careers. But this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In fact, the most important drivers of employee satisfaction are having an interesting job and interpersonal relationships, according to McKinsey & Company.

And you’ll find both at Paycom. Our five core values each begin with “we,” — as in, together we:

  • innovate
  • win
  • care
  • serve
  • believe

No employee meets these alone. Carving a place at the top of the HR tech industry requires the care and commitment of every Paycom team member.

That’s why we encourage our people to seek community and support through our numerous employee resource groups (ERGs). Our ERGs helps us champion diversity and inclusion, which 78% of workers said is important for their companies to prioritize, according to SurveyMonkey.

Not only that, but our ERGs — backed by our employees-first approach — encourage team members to form priceless bonds with their colleagues.

“Having Paycom friends fosters a network of support, both personal and professional,” said Logan K., a benefits coordinator. “The friendships I’ve made here have had a life-enriching effect that my life would otherwise be missing.”

2. Career growth

To truly succeed, we need employers that are as committed to our development as we are. Careers should never be stagnant or bound to a single role. As we grow, we transform into multifaceted professionals and even leaders.

“Over the years, I’ve experienced much growth and change. Expanding to a manager position didn’t happen overnight, but I felt people were rooting for me the whole time,” said Vamsi P., a software development manager. “You can make a difference when you work at Paycom and are given every opportunity to succeed.”

By offering a constant stream of learning, we encourage our people to evolve and expand their skills. And according to recent data, the future of work will require us to adapt. Korn Ferry predicts 50% of employees will need to develop new skills by 2025 to take on an entirely different position.

While we can’t control what lies on the horizon, we can control how we prepare for it. That’s why Paycom provides employees with a variety of learning experiences, including:

  • mentoring
  • specialized upskilling
  • leadership programs
  • professional workshops
  • opportunities to improve soft skills
  • and more

We owe it to ourselves to get better at what we do. At Paycom, growth isn’t just a side effect of our work — it’s a fundamental part of it.

3. Company culture

For us to feel empowered by our work, we have to be inspired by it. Wherever you apply, ensure your potential employer truly supports your:

After all, how could you care for an organization that doesn’t prioritize your needs? That could explain why 80% of employers saw workforce well-being as “important” or “very important” to their organization’s success, according to Deloitte. Unfortunately, only 12% felt “very ready” to address it.

We know when our employees win, Paycom wins. That’s why Paycom prioritizes the physical, mental and emotional well-being of everyone who works here. A huge factor in keeping this promise is our industry-leading benefits, which include:

  • $1-per-pay-period individual health insurance
  • 401(k) plans with generous matching
  • paid vacation, holidays and sick leave
  • an employee stock purchase plan
  • on-site well-being advisors
  • free access to fully equipped gyms at our Oklahoma City HQ and Texas Operations Center
  • and more

Paycom’s people-first culture helps us never lose sight of our mission to simplify work for employees everywhere. When we empower teams, they channel that energy into innovation and even greater support for workers and their employers.

Ready to join a company that prioritizes your needs? Apply today!

About the author
Author picture, Emma White
Emma White
As an employer brand marketer at Paycom, Emma White helps broaden the employer brand and increase brand awareness. Emma is a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, where she earned degrees in marketing and management. Her work on Paycom’s recruitment marketing team includes company culture, careers and social media content. Outside work, Emma's hobbies include art, reading, exploring new places in OKC and spending time with friends.