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Celebrating Diversity at Paycom: Our Employees’ Stories

Abraham Mendieta | April 22, 2024

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, a time to recognize the differences that exist within and around us while honoring our shared humanity.

At Paycom, we value the unique perspective each employee brings to our company and strive to provide an inclusive environment where all employees thrive.

This month, we’re honored to share their stories and celebrate what makes our people unique.

Diversity is key to a thriving workforce

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are crucial ingredients to employee well-being. According to research from Boston Consulting Group, at companies whose senior leaders are committed to DEI, 84% of employees feel valued and respected.

In contrast, at companies where leaders are not viewed as committed to DEI, only 44% do.

The survey also found only 16% of employees who strongly disagree that their leaders are committed to DEI report feelings of value and respect. The data makes clear what most of us already know: a strong DEI program starts at the top.

That’s why Paycom puts DEI at the center of our culture, believing this results in happier, more engaged employees who stay longer and bring more innovative ideas.

We share detailed demographic data in line with our efforts to create a culture of transparency and accountability, showcasing why Newsweek named us one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2024.

Storytelling fosters belonging in the workplace

This Celebrate Diversity Month, Paycom is sharing our people’s unique stories and perspectives from across the organization.

“Stories are what weave humans together. They highlight the experiences and backgrounds that make us unique while pointing to shared emotions and values,” said AJ Dronkers, head of Paycom’s culture; diversity, equity and inclusion; and engagement program.

“No matter your background, every person has a story to tell, and our culture encourages employees to authentically express what is important to them,” AJ said. Paycom’s innovative Better Conversations series reflects this, providing a structured space for all employees to both listen and be heard.

These sessions empower employees to engage in discussions about social injustice, mental wellness, working parents, women in tech and more. In 2023, we expanded the series by partnering with each of our 11 employee resource groups (ERGs) to host monthly events, highlighting another way we work toward creating a more welcoming workplace.

Paycom employees share their stories

Allowing space for employees to share authentic and diverse stories fosters understanding and empathy. Here are just a few from this past year:

Before Daisy was born, her mother took a dangerous journey from Zacatecas, Mexico, to the U.S. in search of a better life. Daisy grew up in Oklahoma and is thriving at Paycom as a tax specialist and member of the Hispanic Organization for Leadership Advancement (HOLA) ERG.

“I take pride in having Mexican roots because of the hard work and sacrifice my parents endured to move to the United States,” Daisy said.

Kyle is a Marine Corps veteran who served for 21 years as a radio operator, radio chief and spectrum manager. After retiring, he was drawn to Paycom because of the camaraderie.

“I learned a lot about teamwork, mission accomplishment, troop welfare and leadership in the military,” he said. “I feel these all fit into Paycom very well. Paycom really cares about and takes care of its employees.”

Nathalie and Gabby
For our expansion into Mexico, Paycom needed collaborative and innovative team members who were ready for a challenging environment that included a new language, laws and business culture. Nathalie and Gabby were a critical part of that expansion, drawing upon their unique skills and experience to bring our transformative payroll services to Mexico.

Brianna is a founding member of Paycom’s Black Leaders Advancing Culture & Knowledge (BLACK) ERG and has had ample opportunities to share her heritage and educate others in the workplace. Last year on Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Founders’ Day, Brianna and a sorority sister wore their line jackets to the office to share the significance of the jackets and history of AKA — the first historically Black sorority.

From attracting diverse talent to developing our people and sharing their stories, DEI is at the center of Paycom’s culture.

Ready to work in an organization that celebrates what makes you unique? Apply to Paycom today!

About the author
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Abraham Mendieta
As an employer brand marketer, Abraham Mendieta helps the recruiting teams engage top talent and increase brand awareness. Mendieta is a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he earned degrees in both sociology and advertising. His efforts on Paycom’s employer brand team include company culture; careers; and diversity, equity and inclusion. Outside work, Abraham enjoys reading, going to the gym, spending time outdoors and hanging out with his family and friends.