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HR Technology: From Chore to Choice

The countdown is over and the 2015 HR Technology Conference & Exposition is in full swing in Las Vegas. More than 3,000 attendees are finding out what’s new, what’s changing and how it can help their businesses work better.

What’s new?

Some of this year’s trends are implementing performance management through open dialogue, professional development becoming an individual’s responsibility and the emergence of employee engagement becoming a much-needed focus.

But is the technology you use helping or hurting your ability to facilitate these improvements?

What’s changing?

Today, technology is bringing businesses real-time data, which helps organizational leaders make well-informed decisions. But it’s not just leaders using technology. There’s a shift taking place in the office as popular software advancements for employees take center stage.

Tools like Employee Self-Service allow your workforce to enroll in benefits, view pay stubs, submit time-off requests, take training courses and access and sign reviews online. Employees are taking ownership of their information, alleviating HR from the mundane tasks that do not drive value.

However, with this comes an expectation. The use of mobile devices has fed our need for immediate service. Employees aren’t going to expect access to their information in the future; they expect it now. They don’t want the hassle of difficult technology; the simpler, the better.

If the technology employees are using is anything less than intuitive, seamless and simple, it becomes a chore. And if you’re anything like me, a chore is something you try to get out of.

From chore to choice

We often have to be coerced into doing chores. By definition, they are tedious and unenjoyable. If you make an employee use poor technology, he or she will do so badly. Enable them with the proper tools and it will become something they enjoy using – not a chore.

What does the proper tool look like?

For starters, the right tool should be all about your people. Employees, frontline managers and executives alike will be engaged and empowered with 24/7 access for managing their information. A one-for-all solution requires no integration, eliminating the need for multiple HR systems, while providing simpler tools and more comprehensive, real-time analytics.