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From Intern to Chief Sales Officer, Holly Faurot Shares 3 Lessons

Holly Faurot | June 27, 2023

Most people don’t know that before I was Paycom’s CSO, before my leadership of our sales teams took me across the country, before I even landed my first big sale, I was an intern at Paycom. I realize this is an unconventional career journey, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by people, opportunities and innovation that continuously inspire me to push myself to the next level. At Paycom, our sales team is truly the best of the best.

I’ve learned many lessons over the years, but three of them stand out. 

Know your why

I grew up on a small dairy farm in Oklahoma. From an early age, I learned the value of hard work and choosing to see challenges as opportunities. My family expected me to give my best in everything, and I have carried that expectation with me throughout my life. Their level of belief in what I could accomplish gave me a natural “why.” I wanted to succeed for myself, yes, but also to give back and make my parents proud. As my career grew and I took on leadership roles, my desire to be the best evolved to helping others be their best. Anyone who has worked at Paycom for long understands the unmatched opportunities available to those willing to put in the work, and it continues to be my mission as a leader to enable others to achieve goals they never thought possible.

Work is just one part of my identity, though. I’m also committed to being a loving and supportive parent to my two girls. It’s uplifting to work for a company that encourages me to bring my whole self to the office. Whether it’s through supportive programs, robust benefits or leadership development opportunities, Paycom champions families. This support allows parents to thrive in both their personal and professional lives. It has allowed me to pursue my dreams in a big way.

Innovation matters

I’m energized by how quickly technology moves and how much opportunity the industry offers.

When Paycom approached me with its internship offer, I was excited to get boots-on-the-ground experience, but even more, I was impressed by Paycom’s tech and potential.

Throughout Paycom’s evolution, our core vision has remained constant: to simplify employees’ lives. We let a particular set of values guide us in that quest, two of which are winning and innovation. Day in and day out, I see a strong desire to win and a hunger for excellence and innovation from my teams. That drive to reimagine the employee experience has already revolutionized an entire industry and led to countless industry firsts. For example, Beti®, an award-winning product, empowers employees to do their own payroll. Paycom’s culture and technology continue to make an impact and shine on the national stage.

Grow your grit

Things have changed since I started as an intern at Paycom. The company has grown exponentially. We’ve developed tech we only dreamed about years ago. I’ve moved many times to lead various teams across the country. One constant? Grit carried me through.  

Grit, to me, means sticking with something even if you have other options. It happens when you’re working for something that invigorates and fulfills you. Early in my career, I chose Paycom because it gave me the autonomy to lead, even at a young age. It was thrilling to lead a sales team in my early 20s, but it was also a leap of faith. There were moments when I had to learn completely new skills or rely on my teammates wholeheartedly. Today, I see grit as the bond that connects your values to your vision and helps you cross the finish line.

There are many lessons I’ve learned over the years, but I’ve found that focusing on your “why,” prioritizing innovation and embracing challenges with grit will never fail you.

For anyone interested in a sales career at Paycom, I want you to know that the sky is the limit. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, check out our numerous opportunities. It could be the best decision you ever make!

About the author
Author picture, Holly Faurot
Holly Faurot
Faurot, chief sales officer, has served in a number of roles during her tenure at Paycom, including vice president of client relations, regional vice president, sales training manager and sales consultant. A born leader and a 2012 honoree in Oklahoma’s 30 Under 30 awards, she has helped a number of individuals and clients achieve success through her energetic spirit. The product of a dairy farm in Kenefic, Okla., Faurot was taught at a young age the importance of working hard, being honest and having a desire to help others.