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Success Is for Everyone: How Paycom Supports and Empowers the Women in Its Workforce

Bonny Calfy | March 1, 2024

Each March, we celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing the achievements of the women who shape the world around us. At Paycom, there’s no shortage of success to recognize, thanks to all that’s been accomplished by the driven, professional women within our ranks.

From upward mobility to the free-form support of employee resource groups (ERGs), let’s take a look at how Paycom supports the women in our workforce.

It starts with strong advocates

The tech industry is often considered a male-dominated space. And a February 2024 national study commissioned by Paycom proved it, revealing that only a quarter of women in STEM say their companies have a lot of female leaders.

As a business focused on both HR and technology, Paycom understands the importance of supporting the professional women within our innovative organization. One of those professionals is Tiffany Gamblin, Paycom’s director of HR business services and the executive sponsor of our Women’s ERG.

“Seeing how Paycom supports and embraces women in the workplace is phenomenal,” said Gamblin. “We have many strong female executives who are not only successful in their careers, but strong in character and present every day. Through the ERG, having a chance to hear the stories from women across Paycom and learn from so many is something I don’t take for granted. It inspires me to continue our work!”

Celebrating the women who are fearlessly first

We’re also lucky to count among our colleagues women pursuing careers in STEM, marketing, sales and more. Take Azadeh A., for example. She’s a team leader of software development and is quick to recognize how Paycom stands apart from other companies.

“Paycom is the first company that I have worked at where I feel valued as an employee,” Azadeh said.

In fact, Paycom’s study found 30% of women in STEM face limited opportunities to advance at their company, while 34.8% experienced an increased pressure to “prove themselves” in the workplace.

You should also meet Gabby and Nathalie, two employees who built dynamic careers while participating in one of Paycom’s first international expansions.

“To know I work for a company that’s expanding and to be able to contribute to [its expansion], leverage my skills and stay true to my identity and who I am, it was a magnificent opportunity. That’s why I joined,” Nathalie said.

If you want to hear about Paycom’s potential for career growth, then you should also get to know Trinity. She began her Paycom journey as a temporary employee, but today, she’s our team leader of webinars and podcasts.

The richness of opportunity at Paycom is attracting driven professionals from all over. One of those is Angela, a transition specialist representative at our sales office in Miami, Florida.

“This is a software company, but also a people company,” Angela said. “We have a big culture ingrained in listening to employee feedback, so come ready to be challenged, but also be recognized and given the tools to grow.”

Benefits make a difference

One way to support our female colleagues is with benefits that touch on the things that matter to them. Some of these include:

  • family leave for parents, adoption, foster care or for secondary caregivers
  • free access to Maven, a platform directing employees to support services for growing families
  • access to services connecting parents with discounted child care
  • on-site support including lactation/nursing rooms, privacy booths and engagement opportunities specifically for women

Bringing women together

Nearly two-thirds of the Paycom study respondents said they have strong female role models and mentors in the industry. This is another way Paycom invests in the success of women at work. We create pathways for these professionals to build meaningful connections with each other, such as our Women’s ERG. Since its inception, it’s not only become one of the largest ERGs in the company, it also has the most active membership.

“One of the things I am most proud of in the Women’s ERG is that we have the largest intersectionality, meaning our Women’s ERG members are also a member of at least one other ERG,” said founder Tiffany Gamblin. “The women in Paycom are influencing across the organization in so many different areas.”

Our Better Conversations engagement sessions provide another forum for our employees to listen and be heard while discussing issues affecting women. In addition, Paycom hosted the collegiate-focused Women in Tech Summit 2023, and we also recently participated in the Thrive Gathering, an event that brought together speakers, discussions and events designed specifically for single mothers.

We believe we’re making a difference in expanding access to workplace success, but we’re not the only ones who’ve come to this conclusion. We’ve also received the recognition of third parties with a broader view of what’s happening across the entire landscape.

Are you ready to step into a workplace where everyone is supported and encouraged to bring their whole self to work? Then it’s time for you to apply to Paycom!

SOURCE: A February 2024 “Women in STEM” Paycom Survey

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